Eye doctor? We need you now!

Dignus Medical is one of the leading companies within recruitment of specialist doctors, nurses and consultants to the Scandinavian healthcare system, throughout our 15 years in the market, we have recruited hundreds of doctors to various, qualified positions – most of them from other European countries. We continuously seek specialists within different medical areas for both private and public healthcare providers and we follow our candidates – from the first interview, through language course and relocation to the final settlement in the hospital or clinic.

We now need specialists within eye surgery,

to private and public clients in Norway.

We offer:

  • You get to work in a beautiful place in Norway.
  • Fixed position in a good working environment.
  • Professional development.
  • When we introduce you to the customer, it adds an extra quality stamp that we recognize you as a good candidate. Our vision is “when quality matters”.
  • Anonymity at the start of the application process.
  • Covered travel expenses.
  • Help with language learning, relocation, finding housing and school/kindergarten for children.


Please contact our responsible Recruitment Advisor Britt Holten

in order to hear more about your specific opportunities!

Britt Holten
Advisor, Norway

Mobile: +47 45 27 61 28