Dignus Medical is one of the leading companies within recruitment of specialist doctors and consultants to the Scandinavian healthcare system, throughout our 16 years in the market, we have recruited hundreds of doctors to various, qualified positions – most of them from other European countries.

We are experiencing increasing needs among our customers for nurses in Norway.

When you work for us, you get a partner who arranges good conditions for you and help you find the best match for your competence.

  • Qualifications:

    • Bachelor’s degree in nursing.
  • Personal characteristics:

      • Ability to integrate into a work environment, as well as to teach others.
      • Team player – contribute to a workplace.
      • Flexibility.
      • Positive attitude.
  • We can offer:

    • Good staffing schemes.
    • Language course with a personal tutor via skype.
    • Assistance in wage negotiations.
    • When we introduce you to the customer, it gives an extra stamp of quality that we recognize you as a good candidate. Our vision is “when quality counts”.
    • Anonymity at the beginning of the application process.

We go to great lengths for our candidates. The advisors who handle our candidates have many years of experience in the field. We therefore know how important follow-up and mapping is. High quality is important for both healthcare professionals and patients. We make stringent demands that our candidates have high competence and we make strict demands on ourselves. We continuously focus on delivering the highest quality and securing the best candidates for the Norwegian health enterprise.

Our ambition is always to supply the right candidate in relation to the customer’s requirements specification for the position.

Are you interested? Contact our

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