Exciting position for dermatologists!

Dignus Medical is one of the leading companies within recruitment of specialist doctors and consultants to the Scandinavian healthcare system, throughout our 16 years in the market, we have recruited hundreds of doctors to various, qualified positions – most of them from other European countries. We continuously seek specialists within different medical areas for both private and public healthcare providers and we follow our candidates – from the first interview, through language course and relocation to the final establishment in the current clinic.

The hospitals in both Norway and Sweden are taking on a more specialized role. We are currently looking for motivated specialists, preferably with some years of experience as specialist doctors within the field, who are interested in moving to Scandinavia. If you are interested in living close to nature and with the sea at close distance, this should be a suitable opportunity!

Health care in Scandinavia is characterized with a high general competence, and generously dedicated time for each patient, which in turn allows doctors and coworkers to work thoroughly and spend enough time with patients.

  • Professional requirements:

    • Is a specialist doctor within dermatology, either fresh from residency or with some years of experience.
    • Is well updated within modern dermatology, including skin-tumors that is a substantial field in Sweden.
    • Is eager to learn a new language if you are not yet in command of Swedish, and who is prepared to put in a good effort during the first year to learn it fluently.
    • Is interested in building a new future in Sweden, either on your own or with your partner and family. Sweden can offer a rewarding quality of life, further developing of your professional career and enjoying the advantages of a safe and secure community.
  • Personality:

    • You have a genuine interest and thrive to work and live in Scandinavia with your family.
    • You have a humble approach to new experiences at the same time as you are ready to take a big responsibility to fulfill projects, such as completing the language course in order to apply for license and specialist approval from the Ministry of Health and Welfare.
    • You are able to work in a team where all members, no matter what professional background, are equally important.
    • You are able to handle situations of stress well since emigration is a big step – but a rewarding one!
  • We offer:

    • Professional headhunters.
    • Partnership with solid local partners.
    • Free language course, done via Skype.
    • Professional support during the whole recruitment/staffing process.
    • Information customized to you.
    • Flexible and fair cooperation.
    • Help with travel, accommodation, schools, kindergartens, and more.
    • Follow up from start, during to the end of the process.

Monica Salater
Head of Research
Telephone: +47 47 97 41 04
Mail: monica@dignusmedical.no