Bright future for Radiologists!

Sweden has been of the leading countries within the discipline of radiology since the 20th century and  both standards and competence here – are still high! Both regarding modalities used but also in terms of research and development and implementation of new methods.

Still there is a lack of qualified specialists in a number of places and we work with some of them in order to find their new and loyal colleagues. We are working with both bigger regional hospitals and very small, rural ones where you are expected to take a big responsibility but where you also are able to influence the work to a wide extent yourself.

Are you one of their future colleagues?

Please contact us to know more about the working conditions for radiologists in Sweden!

The positions that we are working with are permanent and we help you with all questions and issues connected with a relocation both in terms of necessary language training, requiring documents, applications but also practical issues like finding a place to live, schools for your children etc.

Your initial contact with us is of course confidential.

We look very much forward to cooperate with you!

Please contact Recruitment consultant and Business Area Manager Carolina Pankarz Bernro for questions or further information: or via telephone +46406307587

Henrik J.Halvarrson


+47 90 59 30 07

Tor-Egil Christensen


+47 91 38 38 10