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Dignus Medical is very professional in the provision of medical services. You get a very good follow up before, during and after a temporary assignment and they adapt the various assignments compared to the Physician’s needs and experience. I am extremely pleased to work for them.

When you are deciding to move to another country, this decision provokes many anxieties. And if you have an education that needs a recognition, there is obviously a lot of stress to go through the process. Systems in different countries can differ a lot, a special challenge is the language, which is very important for a psychiatrist. An additional challenge for me was that a part of my education was fulfilled “in a third country“, meaning outside the EU, and that made the process even more complicated.

When I decided to move from Serbia to Norway I contacted several employers and headhunters from several countries. And almost none of them were interested in me. Then I found Dignus Medical, that gave me the first push to start. Most of the steps were not going smoothly and I am sure, I would have given up without Dignus Medical. Their support and persistence had the key role on my way.

Another thing that was very important for me was a language course: Dignus organized and paid for an online Norwegian course on a high level, with a very professional Norwegian teacher who was also a key support on my way. It is very difficult to learn a language when you are an adult, without contact with native speakers and with a responsible and tiresome job.

At the final step, Dignus found me a job in an area in Norway I like very much, in a well-organized institution with very friendly and professional coworkers. I know I could have big troubles to find the right employer and to communicate with him from abroad. I am also sure that for employers, it’s very difficult to import doctors from abroad, so Dignus Medical is a good matchmaker with long experience that make things happen for both sides.

My way was so long that I feel as I have become friends with CEO Tor-Egil and my advisor Britt. Thank you, Dignus Medical, you have really earned your money 😉

Fyresdal Municipality have been in cooperation with Dignus Medical since May this year. This has been a positive experience for us. Dignus has delivered as they promised with, good information and collaboration in advance of the contract and they have presented particularly good candidates.

I am writing this letter to recommend the services of Dignus Medical.

In 2014 I contacted Dignus Medical to assist me in my search for a job as radiologist in Norway. They provided me with detailed information on their services as well as on the administrative procedures that I have to complete in order to be eligible to work as radiologist in Norway.

I want to say thanks to team of Dignus Medical for excellent cooperation and the best working  experience. Dignus has a reliable and professional attitude toward their candidates. That was fantastic to working with Tor-Egil Christensen and Ingrid Sundberg.

Dr. Marian

Mammo radiologist

I have received authorization in Norway in 2016. I have been working with Dignus as a locum doctor since March 2017 .

Joen Maurice Mjaaseth is my point of contact and he is always available to give the advice and information. Even though, I tried different recruitment companies, Dignus Medical is without a doubt the best one.

General practitioner